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Social Network – Admin & Website Template (Admin Templates)

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Social Template

Social Network

Social is a fully responsive admin dashboard panel and front-end website template that is primarily designed with social networks in mind. Built with love by mosaicpro, the Social Network template contains a HUGE collection of ready to go pages with hundreds of HTML elements.

Social Network Template works on any modern browser (IE8+), any device, any screen size and it includes over 1600 high resolution retina ready font icons, including the popular Font Awesome and Glyphicons PRO.

Our admin panel and front-end HTML framework will give you a complete User Interface Design that you can easily use to create or adapt any website or admin system.

We are committed to deliver ongoing high-quality updates and prime customer support all free for existing buyers. Enjoy Social Network!


Current Version 2.0.0 – 23.05.2014

  1. Updated CORE:
    • Complete refactor of the assets structure into 3 levels of assets: Libraries (or Frameworks), 3rd party Plugins and custom Components (collections of custom assets and markup);
    • Components are responsible for controlling the behaviour and styling throughout the template;
    • Plugins and libraries used by components were removed from the components folders and better organized and contained into more logical paths:
      1. assets/library – libraries and core frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI, Modernizr etc;
      2. assets/plugins – jQuery Plugins, Bootstrap Plugins, etc;
      3. assets/components – collections of JavaScript & styling;
  2. Added PHP Version:
    • Exposes a basic templating system with a main bootstrap file, header, footer, pages and various configuration files.
    • The PHP version dynamically handles the loading of:
      • Styling (Skins);
      • JavaScript files;
      • Pages & sub-pages;
    • PHP Menu Builder:
      • Easily create sidebar menus directly from a config file, simple or collapsibles, with unlimited menu levels, custom icons (1600+) and various options – can even include any custom content from other files automatically;
  3. Updated documentation:
    • Added comprehensive guides:
      1. Getting started with the HTML version See HTML Guide
        • Includes an overview of the guide’s sections, the folder structure, layout & menus, CSS & LESS and the assets structure explained;
      2. Getting started with the PHP Version See PHP Guide
        • Includes the folder and file structure, template system, configurations, using the menu builder, dynamic loading of scripts, switching skins;
    • Added meta information for all the plugins, libraries and components used in the template such as Name, Description, Version used and for 3rd party assets links to Official Website & Documentation;
    • Further extended the documentation with dozens of examples;
    • Organized Components in various groups by different filters, type, scope, modules and others;
    • Component details include:
      • 3rd party assets (plugins & libraries) used by the component;
      • Examples:
        • Quick Preview and Source;
        • Resources that contains information about 3rd party assets used within each example;
        • Instructions for loading the Styles & Scripts used for each example;
        • Live Example page that presents a minimal implementation of the component (see the loaded styles & scripts within the page’s HTML source code);

Version 1.0.1 – 20.03.2014

  • Updated:

    • Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1
  • Improved:

    • Complete Code Cleanup
  • Added:

    • Non-Ajax Version
    • Fixed Layout with Top Menu
    • Timeline Widgets
    • Article Page
    • Example Pages for All Pages/Layouts both for Ajax and Non-Ajax
    • Blank Pages

Version 1.0.0 – 03.02.2014

- Initial Release

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