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Rainier (Tumblr)

by admin

Rainier is an elegant single channel theme with an eye for sharp typography. The first in our Cascadian suite, Rainier provides a minimalist, highly customizable blog with gorgeous font and color options.


  • Fully customize your content’s width, with additional controls for photo and video.
  • Fine-tune the minutiae with Rainier’s detailed logo and header element options.
  • Easily add custom pages, links to other social media, and setup site-tracking and commenting systems.


Responsive Layout

Rainier won’t let you down, regardless of the device it’s viewed on. It’s layout will resize and adjust to virtually any size browser, and looks fantastic on tablets and smart phones.

Social Media Links

Display icons linking to over 20 other social media by simply inputting your username or URL. These links are displayed in the footer.

Customizable Header

Rainier’s header is immensely flexible. Change your avatar, background image, logo, font, title, tagline, and even more. It even supports video backgrounds, grabbing your readers’ attention in a whole new way.

Detailed documentation can be found here.


We’ve been making Tumblr themes since 2009. Truth to be told, we wouldn’t still be afloat had we not acknowledged, early on, that each individual customer is important. Exceptional, human customer support matters to us a great deal.

Each one of our themes comes fully backed by our dedicated support team (all of us). We’re good people, with real faces, and we like what we do. We’ve also created a help centre so you can get help at any hour. Send us an email or tweet at us during office hours (we’re in PST!).

We’re always happy to answer questions. Not sure what theme is best? Looking for a particular feature? Get in touch.

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