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NewsFront: Blog, News & Editorial eCommerce WordPress Theme

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NewsFront: Blog, News & Editorial eCommerce WordPress Theme - 1NewsFront: Blog, News & Editorial eCommerce WordPress Theme - 2

NewsFront, a feature packed WordPress & eCommerce theme, designed & developed for premium modern blog, news & content production websites. Free lifetime updates

NewsFront: Blog, News & Editorial eCommerce WordPress Theme - 3

Showcasing the latest design techniques, NewsFront for WordPress features a crisp, clean design and boasts super ­fast page ­load time by utilising world­ class tools in modern development. Of course it is fully Responsive, creating a compelling user ­experience across all of today?s modern devices.

NewsFront: Blog, News & Editorial eCommerce WordPress Theme - 4

Carefully crafted with news production style websites in mind it also uses the best selling back­end Drag & Drop tool plugin available ­ Visual Composer.

NewsFront: Blog, News & Editorial eCommerce WordPress Theme - 5

This means there are no hidden costs, and that the theme has been developed to run smoothly with this awesome plugin with no coding required and zero compatibility clashes! You will be creating stunning websites in minutes with our 1 ­click demo importer too. No messing around with fiddly code, just import one of our incredibly powerful demos then add your own content. Simple, elegant, professional.

NewsFront: Blog, News & Editorial eCommerce WordPress Theme - 6

Not super confident with HTML5 & CSS3? You don?t need to be with NewsFront, this is all taken care of with a powerful Theme Options panel that allows you to change all Theme elements in a simple, easy to understand & familiar way. With five strikingly different demos to select as soon as you checkout, you will have a professional & functional website up and running in no time.

NewsFront: Blog, News & Editorial eCommerce WordPress Theme - 7

Create stunning header elements with the page builder, create compelling call­ to ­action content sections that show off your best content with the flexible demos, Trending/Popular Widgets and purpose built headers that quite simply, get the job done.

NewsFront: Blog, News & Editorial eCommerce WordPress Theme - 8

Not happy to settle for mediocre? Neither are we! Included in your Purchase are over 60
individual elements to assist you display your content in a vast manner of ways, including but
not limited to: Post List modules, embeddable Google Maps, Sliders, Banners, dedicated Ad
Placements and much more.

Embed Videos simply using YouTube URLs, place sponsor ads exactly where you want them and display Post View counters where and how you want them, right out of the box.

Of course Social Media plays a huge part in today?s viral news content so this has also been
taken care of with visually beautiful Share, Follow and Like functionality that you can place
exactly where you want.

Ad Placements are typically a pain ­point for WordPress users, limited to tricky plain text Widgets
that never really work how they should ­ so we took care of that too! With our Advanced Ad
Manager, you can easily add banners or standard sized Google AdWords boxes, exactly where
you want them with minimum fuss

NewsFront: Blog, News & Editorial eCommerce WordPress Theme - 9

Ecommerce is also another typical pain ­point for WordPress users with limited functionality out
of the box, not so with NewsFront. Developed behind the scenes and integrated perfectly with
our Theme, WooCommerce functionality has been extended to help you create visual perfection
with your eCommerce shop front. Create beautiful product descriptions that display fluidly
across any device, add Wishlists, Shopping Carts and much more with the Layout Builder.

Core Features

  • Beautiful eye catching design with several skins included.
  • Fully customizable: Our powerful framework allows to create virtually any layout and demo using amazing templates and unique post styles in minutes!
  • Clean and well documented code incase you want to modify the theme.
  • Good compatibility with third party plugins.
  • Powerful and easy to use Theme Options powered by the Redux Framework
  • Visual Composer Layout builder ( Save 34$ )
  • 1 Click demo install. This will allow you to setup your site like one of the demos in one click.
  • SEO Optimization. The theme is built for good SEO in order to make your website stand out in search engines.
  • WooCommerce Ready – Create an online shop using the highly popular WooCommerce plugin.
  • Responsive – This theme is designed to work well on mobile and handheld devices.
  • Retina Ready – For those crisp images on devices that support them.
  • Automated smart content lists which are useful for creating list articles.
  • Flexible post lists with multiple options for queries and styling.
  • Multiple header styles.
  • Advanced paginations system. Ajax, infinite scroll, numeric, and arrow navigation are all included for navigating post lists.
  • Intelligent ad system that supports html ads as well as Google Adsense.
  • Review System
  • Live search with Ajax
  • Megamenu navigation system with great mobile support
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Social integration that allows you to share content on your favorite social media platform
  • Typography customization
  • Translation ready

Post Features

  • Left and right sidebar option
  • Features image with 5 display styles
  • 16 post list display styles
  • Post reviews – Two different styles: stars and percentage
    • Option to include a score subtitle to appear in the review
    • Option to include unlimited pros and cons with custom titles
    • Option to turn on/off user ratings (user reviews)
  • Customizable related posts
  • Inline related posts with shortcode
  • Add source attribution to posts and photographs
  • Mark post as featured
  • Mark post as an editor’s pick
  • Mark post to be displayed in sliders and carousels
  • Add banners to posts. Several ad spots are included
  • Select sidebar layout for each post
  • Social sharing links
  • Customizable archive loops – categories, tags, author archives
  • Smart content lists with different styles
  • Standard, Video, Gallery, Audio post formats
  • Video support
  • Slider Gallery
  • Justified Gallery
  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Stacked Gallery
  • Structures markup data – Schema.org

Post Loops Features

Other Features

  • Custom Logo Upload
  • Custom Favicon Upload
  • Custom footer copyright
  • Custom CSS section
  • Designed with valid HTML5 + CSS3 code
  • Extensively tested with all major browsers and versions
  • Translation Ready with .mo/.po files included
  • Indented threaded comments
  • Custom Sidebars
  • Customizable Sidebar areas: Category, Tag, Author Archives can have different sidebar layouts.
  • Schema Rich Snippet Micro-data
  • Fully Responsive design
  • Simple and powerful Theme Options framework built-in
  • Integrated back to top button
  • Option to turn off various features from theme options
  • One Click demo install imports widgets, theme options and demo data WooCommerce
  • Megamenu with support for colors, icons and columns
  • Footer customization

Video Plugin Integration

NewsFront includes a powerful video management plugin that has been specifically built for use with this theme. The plugin include:

  • Import Youtube videos in bulk.
  • A custom video player.
  • Host your own videos.
  • Play Vimeo videos.
  • Play Youtube videos.
  • Display popular videos.
  • Display latest videos.
  • Display featured videos.
  • Like and comment on videos.
  • Templating system that allows you to override the layout of video pages
  • Display related videos.

WooCommerce Integration

NewsFront is 100% compatible with WooCommerce and allows it to integrate seamlessly with the theme. View the shop page.

Some highlights:

  • Add to cart with ajax
  • Cart items menu
  • Wishlist support powered by Yith Wishlist plugin
  • Quick-view popup for products
  • Product carousel for navigating through latest, recommended and related products
  • Full integration of WooCommerce to match the look and feel of the theme
  • WooCommerce options tab added to theme options to setup widgets
  • Unique sidebar for WooCommerce powered by WooSidebars


The sample images viewed in the live preview are for demo purposes only and are not included with your purchase.


Item support includes:

  • Our availability to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item?s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets



2016-11-17 | NewsFront 1.7.1

FIXED | Tweet button
FIXED | Youtube channel url can be used in social links
FIXED | Facebook share buttons

UPDATE | Visual composer 5.0 +
UPDATE | Video Central version 1.2.3

2016-11-17 | NewsFront 1.7.0

NEW | Option to disable lightbox

FIXED | customizer styling

2016-09-19 | NewsFront 1.6.2

NEW |  Option to embed inline css instead of file. Workaround for upload directory file permissions issues

FIXED | Post list aspect ratio parameter
FIXED | Load more pagination for post archives
FIXED | Facebook social sharing link
FIXED | WooCommerce loop columns
FIXED | Author widget columns fixed
FIXED | Post list image aspect ratio parameter is now respected
FIXED | Post archive load more now loads the correct category
FIXED | WooCommerce product row improved
FIXED | WooCommerce outdated templates updated

CHANGES | Translation pot file regenerated

2016-08-26 | NewsFront 1.6.1

FIXED | Minor fix for php 5.2

2016-08-25 | NewsFront 1.6.0

NEW | Added check for SEO plugins. Remove duplicate description
NEW | Image meta data shown on large featured image

FIXED | Live search title

IMPROVEMENT | Detection of visual composer
IMPROVEMENT | Related posts enhancement
IMPROVEMENT | WordPress 4.6 compatibility

2016-07-05 | NewsFront 1.5.4

FIXED | Center image alignment in posts
FIXED | Post taxonomy layout customization
FIXED | Gallery titles fix

IMPROVEMENT | Ratings are off by default on new posts. Also added some more defaults to rating fields.
IMPROVEMENT | Single post meta are now filterable
IMPROVEMENT | Improved relative date and date options
IMPROVEMENT | Added height and width control to product grid
IMPROVEMENT | Option to manage related posts title
IMPROVEMENT | Featured posts element settings

2016-06-13 | NewsFront 1.5.3

FIXED | Tag selection in post lists
FIXED | Numeric and arrow pagination when post list is used on the frontpage
FIXED | Ads visibility management

2016-06-07 | NewsFront 1.5.2

FIXED | Fixed offsets pagination
FIXED | ajax pagination bug

2016-06-06 | NewsFront 1.5.1

FIXED | Related posts author link
FIXED | masonry grid ajax conflict with other post list styles
FIXED | ajax popularity filters

IMPROVEMENT | Better handling of query strings in post lists
IMPROVEMENT | Author related posts
IMPROVEMENT | Newsticker options
IMPROVEMENT | minor css tweaks
IMPROVEMENT | better resizing for featured posts element

2016-05-31 | NewsFront 1.5.0

NEW | bbPress Compatibility
NEW | Post list ability to create own query

FIXED | Facebook social sharing
FIXED | Removed php error due to missing WordPress action callback
FIXED | Masonry grid column calculation
FIXED | Fixed offset pagination issue in post list and other query elements
FIXED | Fixed author meta twitter link
FIXED | megamenu admin alignment
FIXED | comments loading

IMPROVEMENT | Removed unneeded theme options
IMPROVEMENT | Facebook meta data compatibility
IMPROVEMENT | removed unneeded tmga activation arguments
IMPROVEMENT | error handling in social counter
IMPROVEMENT | better no sidebar handling

2016-05-15 | NewsFront 1.4.0

NEW | 2 new post grid styles - 50-25-25 and 25-25-50

FIXED | Hybrid grid wrapper CSS classes
FIXED | Post loop ajax filters
FIXED | Minor CSS tweaks
FIXED | rebuilt social sharing to work on Firefox
FIXED | more reliable ad alignment
FIXED | Fixed major conflicts in comments - comments showing up everywhere.

IMPROVEMENT | Site icon now uses the inbuilt WordPress 4.5 Feature
IMPROVEMENT | File override capability from child theme
IMPROVEMENT | box-3 large actions
IMPROVEMENT | Rebuilt post loop query settings
IMPROVEMENT | Rebuilt inbuilt loops
IMPROVEMENT | new check for has_site_icon() in theme options and hide favicon option, use customizer instead
IMPROVEMENT | More reliable infinite scrolling

2016-05-07 | NewsFront 1.3.0

NEW | Shortcode support in the archive description
NEW | Option to disable the demo importer installation message

FIXED | Loading of translation files
FIXED | Hide search bar and icon
FIXED | Linkedin social profile allow urls
FIXED | Login Logo feature
FIXED | Featured image loading when set to left or right

IMPROVEMENT | Whats new message loading
IMPROVEMENT | Social sharing icons
IMPROVEMENT | Reorganized some theme options
IMPROVEMENT | Major mobile improvements across the board

2016-05-04 | NewsFront 1.2.2

BUG FIX | Social account url fixes
BUG FIX | Header tools not being hidden from theme options
BUG FIX | Option to disable Off-canvas sidebar is now working properly

IMPROVEMENT | Color customizer with new fields
IMPROVEMENT | Minor tweak to theme options css

2016-05-03 | NewsFront 1.2.1

BUG FIX | Discus comments alignment
BUG FIX | Hide related posts option not working as expected
BUG FIX | Related posts count option not working as expected
BUG FIX | Primary category selection interfered with main post taxonomies
BUG FIX | Social counter not clickable

IMPROVEMENT | Banner Alignment defaults

2016-04-30 | NewsFront 1.2.0

NEW FEATURE | Breaking News bar colors are now customizer
NEW FEATURE | Option to set publisher schema - Person or Organization
NEW FEATURE | Disable date, author, category, views and social buttons on elements

BUG FIX | Post list offset field fixed
BUG FIX | Major update for query arguments. Prevent conflict between modules
BUG FIX | Fixed inbuilt loop archive queries
BUG FIX | Fixed default style for post slider
BUG FIX | Fixed thumbnails for post slider style selector
BUG FIX | Fixed author box social icons
BUG FIX | Fixed structured-data errors
BUG FIX | replaced mb_strripos() with strripos() to prevent fatal error when mbstring php module is not installed
BUG FIX | Fixed styling bug in breaking news bar when content is text
BUG FIX | Fixed generation of links for social icons
BUG FIX | Updated customizer color selectors to match header and footer

UPDATE | newsfront.po has been updated with new translation strings

2016-04-29 | NewsFront 1.1.0

NEW FEATURE | Sticky sidebars
NEW FEATURE | Sticky header

BUG FIX | Video css loading fixed
BUG FIX | apple touch icon fix
BUG FIX | Social Counter widget hide icons
BUG FIX | Social Counter clear cache
BUG FIX | Latest Reviews widget options
BUG FIX | Bug in terms layout selector when using WordPress 4.5
BUG FIX | Restored the option to preserve featured image aspect ratio on single post one column blog large
BUG FIX | Video and featured image overflow on mobile
BUG FIX | Ratings stars alignment on mobile
BUG FIX | Removed fly-in recommendation on mobile devices
BUG FIX | Other minor mobile adjustments

UPDATE | related post column filter
UPDATE | redesigned the 'dark' and 'blue' skins

OPTIMIZATIONS | Reduced JS files

2016-04-26 | NewsFront 1.0.0

First Release

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