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Demo Account Login – Username: demovendor – Password: demovendor

What’s a Marketplace?

You’ve heard of eBay, Amazon, and of course ThemeForest – right? Other than each of them being a huge success, you know what they have in common? They’re all Marketplaces.

A Marketplace is a special kind of online store. It’s a site where you bring buyers and sellers together (but you don’t create your own products). Actually, you’re on one right now – as Envato created this marketplace and you’re now looking at a product sold by a different seller.

Isn’t building a Marketplace tough?

Until now, the challenge has been two-fold: getting your buyers & sellers, and building out your site. But now you don’t need to worry about the second challenge because we have you covered.

Now, you can focus on gathering a community of buyers and sellers. No need to stress about the rest.

What can I do with Marketify?

In combination with Easy Digital Downloads (a free plugin), the Marketplace extension bundle (Plugin bundle sold separately), and our theme is all you need to create a variety of digital marketplaces.

  • You can create a marketplace that just sells photographs.
  • You can create a marketplace that just sells fonts.
  • You can create a marketplace that just sells audio files.
  • You can create a marketplace that just sells videos.

Do you catch the theme? You can build any digital marketplace you want. Easily allow authors to create accounts and list their products. Buyers can then purchase products and immediately have access to downloads.


Easy Digital Downloads + Marketify = Your Marketplace

Let’s just do a quick run through of everything you get when you bring this plugin bundle and theme together.

  • Social logins mean your guests don’t have the “login/register” friction before making a purchase decision. (Plugin sold separately)
  • Rating and reviewing is available, but only for customers – protecting your site from spam. (Plugin sold separately)
  • Beautiful audio and video previews right within the theme.
  • A responsive layout that makes your site look great on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Customers can easily create a wish-list – increasing the potential for more sales.
  • Sign up sellers easily with frontend submissions* (Plugin sold separately)
  • Split commissions with sellers* (Plugin sold separately)

† Note: * Some of these features require additional add-ons from Easy Digital Downloads.


Theme Page Examples

Answers to common questions

Can I test drive the backend of the author area?
Yes, the username is demovendor and the password is also demovendor, check out the author dashboard here.

Do I need anything other than this theme?
Yes, you must also download Easy Digital Downloads (free).
You may also want to purchase a couple of their add-ons (prices vary) to add more features to your marketplace.

Do I have to create a marketplace?
No, Marketify works beautifully as a standard digital store. If you do have your own products and would like to sell them, Marketify is the perfect solution for that as well.

Do I have to buy the Marketplace bundle?
No, if you do not need certain functionality you are more than welcome to purchase as many or as few of the extensions you need. We urge you to check out Easy Digital Download’s extension list for all of your options.

We have also compiled a list of all extensions and plugins used to create our demos. View list

Will my site work on mobile phones automatically?
Yes, the responsive design of the theme ensures that your site will not only look good but fully work on phones and tablets.

Am I limited to a certain number of products or sellers?
Absolutely not. You can sell as many products as you like.

So does this mean I could create my own ThemeForest site?
Yes, that’s exactly what it means. Until now that meant investments of tens of thousands of dollars to build a marketplace. Now you can do it for much less, and much faster.

Can my marketplace combine different products all in one?
Yes, there’s no restriction to the types of products you can sell. So you can create a marketplace that’s just video files, or one that sells all kinds of files.

Theme Documentation & Change Log

This theme comes with extensive documentation which makes setup a breeze. The latest updates and bug fixes for this theme can be seen below and inside the theme files in a file called “changelog.txt”

= 1.2.1: June 12, 2014 =

  • New: Add support for [edd_register] shortcode.
  • Fix: Don’t cut off elements when setting equal heights.
  • Fix: Load the full size cover image for vendor stores.
  • Fix: Improve nested comment styling on mobile.
  • Fix: Improve the stability of gallery and featured image output on downloads.
  • Fix: Various CSS tweaks and improvements.

= 1.2.0: May 22, 2014 =

  • Note: This is a fairly major update. There should be no backwards compatibility issues but it is always important to test on in a development environment before updating your production website.
  • New: You can now create a physical goods marketplace with Marketify 1.2.0 and the FES & Simple Shipping plugins.
  • New: Projects by WooThemes support.
  • New: Product page layout using inline previews moves buy now/action buttons to “Product Details” widget.
  • New: Recent Blog Posts widget can be styled like other grid items.
  • New: Manually set Audio Previews using FES and a meta key of “preview_files”.
  • New: Output ratings breakdown in widget if available.
  • New: Homepage taxonomy widget to display tags or categories in a “styled” way.
  • New: Add a “Description” field to some homepage widgets.
  • New: Images for the “Audio” post format are output under the audio player.
  • New: Author profiles can now have a header background image when using FES add an upload fields to the vendor profile with the meta key of `cover_image`.
  • Fix: Soliloquy 2.0.0+ compatibility. Requires Soliloquy 2.0.0+ to continue using widget.
  • Fix: FES 2.2.0+ compatibility. Requires FES 2.2.0+ to continue using.
  • Fix: Make sure ratings schema is properly output.
  • Fix: Only output the first audio file for audio previews in the grid to improve load times.
  • Fix: Truncate titles longer than one line (optional in “Appearance > Customize”)
  • Fix: Hide comments title when comments are disabled.
  • Fix: Make the Frontend Submissions menu responsive.
  • Fix: Sorting on search results is now accurate.

= 1.1.1: February 20, 2014 =

  • New: EDD Wish Lists support.
  • Fix: Love It Pro heart styling.
  • Fix: Make sure the demo link is properly centered when using custom prices.
  • Fix: Make sure minimal page template has readable text in certain areas.
  • Fix: Allow hover to be touched on touch devices.
  • Fix: Make sure Shop and Popular page templates can be used on static homepages and just work better in general.

= 1.1.0: February 14, 2014 =

  • New: Alternate single product view.

  • New: Sorting widget for Download Archive widget area.

  • New: Second Homepage design that includes a large search bar.

  • New: Download info can be forced to show on all grid items.

  • New: “Curated Downloads” widget to show specific downloads.

  • New: “Recent Posts” widget to show posts from the blog on the homepage.

  • New: Send an email directly to a vendor from their profile page.

  • New: Allow audio downloads to have a featured background header image.

  • New: Default image placeholder when no grid image is set.

  • New: Allow product info on grid items to be be toggled on/off/auto.
  • Fix: Don’t force the Features widget image size.
  • Fix: Use Download Archive widget area on Popular Items page template.
  • Fix: Make sure the author archives use the proper EDD_SLUG.
  • Fix: “Shop” page template so downloads appear properly.

= 1.0.3: January 23, 2014 =

  • New: “Shop” Page Template so the standard archives can be set as the homepage.

  • New: Add styling support for the Custom Prices extension.
  • Fix: Make sure searching results in the proper results depending on location.
  • Fix: Hide star ratings when replying to a review (as they are not needed).
  • Fix: Make sure the pause button on the audio preview displays on mobile.
  • Fix: Avoid duplicate hook names to avoid duplicate output of content.
  • Fix: Maintain compatibility with Features by WooThemes.
  • Fix: Various responsive tweaks.


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