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Adminre – Responsive Admin Theme (Admin Templates)

by admin

Adminre – is a flat and responsive admin theme. Contain many usable components and elements. Great for your next admin dashboard project. If you found any bugs, strange look or have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to let me know, i will do my best to fix those issues as soon as possible.

NOTE : new folder structure is introduce in order to fully utilize all the assets and keep the file compact.. if you like the old folder structure.. you just need to move all assets to root directory.. sorry for the inconvinient

Updates for v1.1.3 – 20/05/2014
• Update layout.css
  + Minor appearance change
  + Optimze the code
• masonry.js plugin doesn't run after sidebar is minimized
• Fix parsley.js validation on selectize plugin *
• Fix selectize and flot plugin
• Fix top search form closing when tap
• New folder structure
• Added button outline
• Added Time Picker
Updates for v1.1.2 – 04/05/2014
• Core.js script update
  + Code improvement
  + Code optimization
  + Fixed SelectRow & CheckAll mini plugin
• Added sidebar menu figure/icon with "hasnotification" functionality
• Update thumbnail components
• Update widget components
• Update dropdown components
• Update table-default components(more sample usage)
• Fixed app.js file (remove extra commas)
• Fixed sidebar on tablet viewport
• Fixed sidebar js issue
• Fixed timeline v2 issue
• Added img-grid class
• Header navbar-collapse
• Vector maps
• Google maps
Updates for v1.1.1 – 17/04/2014
• Core.js script update
  + Embed imagesLoaded.js
  + Fix sidebar minimize on touch devices(tablet)
  + Add functionality to watch/observe submenu position
• Fixed sidebar-menu not reset the position
• Fixed sidebar stats not showing
• Added fluid iframe container
• Added `btn-tag` wrapper
• Added more widget example
• Added breadcrumb to page header
• Spinner / loading indicator
• Button loading (ladda)
• Carousel
• Form layout
• Form ajax
• Dashboard v2
• Blog pages
  + Blog default
  + Blog grid (masonry)
  + Single post
• FAQ page
Updates for v1.1.0 – 04/04/2014
• LESS File include
• Core.js script improvement
  + Embed mustache.js (minimal javascript templating)
  + Remove Yepnope script loader. library script is embeded inside the core script
  + Move prettify plugin to plugins folder
  + Move jquery-ui plugin to plugins folder
• Page level script is organized & structured
  + All the page level script inside app.js file is move to seperate file.
  + app.js will handle template global function from now.
• Update Thumbnail UI
  + Darken thumbnail ".meta" background color - readability purpose
  + Thumbnail ".overlay" color is set to template accent color
  + Remove thumbnail ".toolbar" button line(CSS property)
• Update Sidebar menu UI and structure (some html structure change)
  + Remove ".menuheader" and replace with sidebar content ".heading" 
  + Added data-toggle="menu" attribute to ".topmenu" class to preserve menu position
• Update Gitter components
  + Update the UI
  + Add functionality to inherit bootstrap alert classes(warning, info, success, and danger)
• Update template logo
  + Structure change
  + Move all logo assets to "logo" folder
  + Include the logo PSD file both retina and non retina
  + Add new logo-figure(visible on table viewport and sidebar minimize)
• Update datatable component
  + Add more sample usage
  + Update some styling
• Replace mixitup plugin with shuffle plugin(license issue)
• All library and plugins script update to the latest version (as of today)
• Some bug fix
• Tablet menu
• Sidebar menu minimize/maximize
• Sidebar summary
• SVG loading indicator
• Youtube style progressbar
• Switchery - checkbox switch
• Profile
• People directory
• Timeline version 1
• Timeline version 2
• Invoice page with printable layout

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